Lainey Sansom: A Short Story

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One Morning a 10 year old girl woke up and got ready for school. Lainey Sansom, left and started her journey to science class. She lives on Hale Branch Road, WV. She got to her class and got assigned to a project to build a robot. As soon as she heard the word “robot” she freaked. Because build a robot was going to be a little hard, especially from scratch. She remembered last year in the fifth grade her robot exploded and burned her arm on national television. She was heartbroken in the hospital for 9 weeks. She had glossy blonde hair down to her lower back, sweet pea freckles, blue crystal eyes, like a husky’s, and she was kind and sweet. She was also scared to build this robot. She asked the teacher a question.

“Mr. Sears?”

“Yes, Lainey.” He said with an annoyed tone.

“Is this robot for a grade, do we have to do it?”

“Of course we do. I mean, why wouldn’t it be?” Said a girl from across the room. Her name was Ryleigh. She was sort of tall, brown eyes, brunette hair, and fair skin with glorious pale pink nails.

“Ryleigh, NO
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First she started drawing out her robot. She thought this year would be better. After she was done drawing and coloring she went downstairs to eat dinner. She ate very creamy chicken and dumplings. Then she went back upstairs and started building her robot. As she was working on her robot, she was playing with some wires when she got shocked. She passed out on her bed. Her mom walked in, she thought Lainey fell asleep. She started working on Lainey’s bot. because it was due the next day. As her mom was working on it she tweaked a few wires and broke it. She went downstairs to get some tools to fix it. She was down there for a while. Lainey had finally woken up and looked at the clock, it was 11:45 pm. She jumped up and looked at her robot. It looked different. All the paint was scratched off of it and all the wires were misplaced. She stared at it wandering what happened. Then out of nowhere it
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