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Reconstruction Plans Portfolio Project The American Civil War was fought in the United States by the Union, made up of states loyal to the North, and the Confederacy, made up of states loyal to the South. These regions disagreed about the legality/morality of slavery, state and federal rights, and other policies; this caused the South to secede from the North. The American Civil War started in 1861 and ended in 1865 until the Confederacy surrendered. Despite the Union’s win, several problems still remained and reconstruction of the country was needed. The nation needed a plan to reunite and satisfy the needs of the United States. This lead to the creation of Lincoln’s Plan, Congress’ Plan, and Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction plans. Lincoln’s Plan, also known as the Ten Percent Plan, included a ten-percent vote from each state’s voting population for allegiance to the North in order to form a state government, slavery-free state constitution, and reentrance to the Union. Congress proposed a plan that would allow…show more content…
While this is true, the main reason for the Ten-Percent Plan was to quickly establish peace and not to punish the South (shown by Congress’ plan of reconstruction). Even though the plan created by the Radical Republicans would benefit African Americans and slaves, it would create conflict in the South. This is because the plan required Confederate states to abolish slavery, prevent Confederate from voting and holding government positions, and reorganize land and southern government before rejoining the Union. The plan created by Andrew Johnson gave more freedom to the state governments, which helps with compromising with the South, but didn’t give rights to African Americans. Lincoln’s plan, on the other hand, would reunite the North and South peacefully and quickly while giving rights to the African Americans. Because of this, the Ten-Percent Plan would best suite the
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