Red Glass Laura Resau Character Analysis

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Most teens now face many difficulties, but through those challenges, they can find many important life lessons. The novel “Red Glass” is by Laura Resau, it is about a girl named Sophie who overcame many struggles throughout her journey. Sophie is insecure, but she’s mostly brave. She is a bit if a germaphobe to. All of these traits that Sophie has conquered led her to learn a big life lesson. Sophie being brave, insecure, and anxious has led her to overcome her goals. Sophie is very anxious about a lot of things. For example, Sophie was very worried was when they got a call from the border patrol, “My stomach tightened, I knocked on mom’s and Juan's door telling them that the border patrol was on the phone.”[2] This was the one section were Sophie was very concerned about …show more content…

She was particularly concerned about what would happen next. Secondly, Sophie is also very insecure about a lot of things but she is most insecure about her body. Before leaving she would stare at herself in the mirror and would say “my feet are nice, my ears are nice, my elbows are nice. I was supposed to say beautiful but why push my luck.”[35] she was saying that she looked ok but that she was not beautiful because that was how she saw herself as an average looking person. She was also still concerned on how people saw her, but she did not like the way, she saw herself. Thirdly Sophie was mostly also very brave when she had to be. When Angel and Mr.Lorenzo were stuck in Guatemala Sophie was very brave and strong enough to go to their rescue by taking them their passports and papers. As she went through it alone she asked herself “I wonder what mo would say if she knew I was doing this alone.”[125] Sophie was very brave and would be willing to do anything for the people she cared about no matter what people would think about it. For Sophie being worried, insecure, and being brave have all lead her to learn a life lesson

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