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Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, a neuroscientist, was a guest on a podcast hosted by Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel to discuss her theory on constructed emotions. Barrett spoke about her belief that emotion is a social construct and it is used to construct the world around us (Rosin & Spiegel, 2017). She noted, for instance, that all objects appear as blobs until we are able to assign a concept to them. In addition, she argues that our emotions are built in at birth, and we learn more about our emotions and how to express them through socialization and experience (Rosin & Spiegel, 2017). Furthermore, every person can feel the same emotions. I was very interested in some of her concepts. However, there is multiple things I must disagree with because she fails to consider the individuality of people. In other words, I feel that she generalizes emotions as if every person is the same. But, unfortunately, I do not believe this is true. Our world is full of different cultures. Each culture may have a different understand of emotion or value them differently. Additionally, many people of different cultures are taught to express their emotions differently. For instance, Japanese citizens have been traditionally more reserved in expressing their emotions while Americans have been very outgoing in expressing their emotions. I feel that Barrett fails to see any diversity. Thus, she is blind to the culture differences of emotion. Failure to consider different cultures has been a major

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