Reflection On Reconstruction Period

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Reflection on the Reconstruction Period The reconstruction period was a time of cause and effect. It was a time when in order to rebuild the strength of society economically, socially, and politically after a the loss of life and stability in the civil war. In the socratic seminar we discussed how the during the reconstruction period the goal was to ‘fix’ the south as in the eyes of the government, they were the cause of the problem. We can see this concept socially as the government enacted the Reconstruction Act for the cause of rebuilding the union, so they enacted black codes to attack ‘the black codes’ as they saw African American’s seeking independence as the causes of social problems. Politically, as a class we saw the same concept of how the government used the civil unrest as a cause to build an almost oligarchy. Moreover, he development and overturn of this system is causation of the beliefs we have today. During the socratic we touched on how we tend to remember the bad instead of the good, and how one of these good effects was how as a country, Americans learned from the failure of the reconstruction period and learned to build off of the flexibility of the …show more content…

As many states refused acknowledge these amendments, I believe on of the most influential events was the enforcement of the Act of 1870. As discussed, this act itself gave the congress more power to punish the confederate states who didn't follow it, forcing most states to oblige. With this came some failures still prevalent today like the Klu Klux Klan, as we discussed today have become more racially motivated than politically before. However, there are many positive effects that are often overlooked. The administration inched us closer to a stronger union, more political rights, and diversified economy. A few of the key components of our daily

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