Reconstruction Dbq Essay

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The Reconstruction Era of American history was plagued by many problems. One of the most important problems being the recently released from slavery Freedmen. Freedmen were in a tricky situation in which they had just been released from their owner and had nowhere to go, but the Federal Government made many successful attempts to help them out. The Government helped alleviate all the problems Freedmen had from their finances to basic needs and rights, and in doing so, made the period of reconstruction more helpful than harmful for Freedmen. The events of reconstruction were helpful to freedmen as they were not only freed from slavery, they were given rights directly from the federal government. The 13th Amendment was a big part of the Reconstruction …show more content…

The government provided food, clothing, and even land, in attempts to help the Freedmen who have been recently released from slavery. In the Freedmen’s Bureau, it stated, “...may direct such issues of provisions, clothing, and fuel, as he may deem needful for the immediate and temporary shelter and supply of destitute and suffering refugees and Freedmen and their wives and children...” (Document D). The government put in place a way for Freedmen to everything they need to start a new life after slavery. They were even generous by even giving them fuel which isn’t even a basic need, and in doing all of this, Freedmen were able to live a healthy life due to the federal government. This was one of the biggest attempts to help out and better lives of Freedmen during reconstruction, and it was successful. Conclusively, The Reconstruction Era was a constructive time for Freedmen. Government officials implemented many amendments and laws to help them out, and most of them did work. Not only were they released from slavery, but given citizenship and rights only white men had at the time. They even enforced a whole system just to give Freedmen their basic needs after slaver. It was a life changing time for Freedmen, and it was for the better. Reconstruction was way more helpful to Freedmen than it was

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