Reform Movements In The United States From 1825 To 1850 Essay

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To what extent did reform movements in the United States from 1825 to 1850 seek to expand democratic ideals? From 1825-1850 America was on the verge to Manifest it’s destiny as a national super power. From the increased industrialization of the north, to the social changes in the south, and to the expansion to the west, America finally took its first steps to become a self-sufficient country. Important events such as The Second Great Awakening and the Transportation Revolution occurred during this time.Reform Movements such as women rights reforms, school reforms, and religious reforms that expanded democratic ideals because one they were not only backed by ideals such as common good and equality. but was founded upon these ideals …show more content…

An example of this is in document 1 where it says “When the churches are... awakened and reformed, the reformation and salvation of sinners will follow, going through the same stages of conviction, repentance, and reformation”. This details that the reformers of this movement believe that when the church finally grows in popularity it will purify even those tainted souls. The purpose of this excerpt was to give warning signs to those sinners. Even though this is out of the time period but this doc could’ve been influenced by European churches reforms. This document can also tie into Document 6 as it might’ve been aimed at those affected the same way. Another example of this reform taking shape is in document 5 where a man named Orestes A. Brownson addressed the Society of the Mystical Seven in 1846 about his beliefs on how this country shouldn’t become an industrialized country as he was a transcendentalist.The doc was made to other transcendentalists to spread his message down the pipeline of his fellow members.This doc could represent the democratic value of pursuit of happiness because Brownson believes that the country would better off not going industrialized for the sake of making the country more

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