Compare And Contrast Twain's Life On The Mississippi River

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In the world there are amazing regions to explore and see. However, we usually don’t see them in person. Writers use the fact that readers may not know anything about their region, but are able to read or experience the region the writers provide. In fact, Twain uses this to his advantages to talk about his home village near the Mississippi River, as well as, Jewett shows us the wilderness in Maine. Jewett and Twain uses regionalism throughout both of their writings, by creating their own types of settings. Each other shows how their region is different in their writing; Twain compared to Jewetts’ has many differences in their settings and some comparisons as well. Twain’s setting is shown about his life on the Mississippi River and how he …show more content…

Some similarities between the two contains stuff like nature and how they describe their regions. When talking about their regions, they both explain the nature around them to show the reader how regionalism is like. Twain first explains the region of the Mississippi River while Jewett explains about the wilderness of Maine. Jewett shows many types of writing elements that Twain doesn’t use. One difference between them would be how fast-paced Jewett’s writing is. “She thought of the tree with a new excitement” (Jewett 438), this quote shows how Jewett explains his emotions in a faster pace type of style than Twain does, due to the fact that Sylvia’s emotions to the stranger at first weren’t that good. Another difference complements Jewett’s fast-paced writing is how Twain draws out his writing, or slower in a way. “After ten more minutes the town is dead again” (Twain 411), even though Twain follows his own set of rules when writing his stories; it still is slow-paced compared to Jewett’s writing. Even though these two writers have many differences, they have comparisons which made their writing fun to

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