Reign Of Terror Justified Dbq Essay

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Should certain actions be accepted by society when they are for the greater good? Often in situations there are two defined sides. The reign of terror posed challenges to the government to remain civil and fair. While there were people that brought violence and hardship to avoid any change in the nation. The actions that took place during the reign of terror are justified due to the fact that it brought france order and stability, established fair rights, and abolished inherited human circumstances like slavery and nobility. First, the reign of terror is justified because it brought order and control to the country of france. “National Assembly, believe that the ignorance, neglect, or contempt of the rights of man are the sole causes of public calamities, and the corruption of the government. Therefore, the National Assembly …show more content…

Rights were given to all peaceful french citizens. In Document B.” All hereditary titles and privileges of nobility are abolished. “ For hundreds of years before the reign of terror, there were three estates.The nobles and the clergy were the first two estates. They had many privileges such as not paying taxes and having the top jobs. The third estate, which makes up 98% of the population, is unhappy with the dramatic advantages that the first 2 estates receive. Getting rid of nobility helps all citizens have equal opportunity. Doc B “Jan 21,1793 Trial, conviction, and execution of Louis XVI for treason“. The execution of King Louis not only served as a symbol, but also showed that the French population want a honest leader in a democratic nation. “ February 1794, All slavery abolished in French colonies.” This step taken by the French government displays change and movement in the nation. Abolishing slavery demonstrates the development of equal rights for France. Establishing equal rights in the nation during this time period justifies the Reign of

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