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The Boston bombing took place on April 15th, 2013; the attack took place during the Boston marathon that normally takes place every year around the same time. I believe that the response that was given to such an event was exactly what was needed, and for the local authorities to shut down MBTA and many other things along with it was a smart move. Then calling in for restrictions on the airspace over Boston was a right decision for the safety of the citizens within the area, after that federal official Eric Holder called for all resources within the US Department of Justice. Now all these measures they decided to take were the right ones to take considering with what happened on September 11th 2001, which is something homeland security was aiming to avoid. another action that was taken so victims’ families could get information quickly was google using their person finder combining it with a disaster service under a log titled “Boston marathon explosions”. All of these things were essential to the safety of everyone within the city and it was due to some surveillance cameras was the federal and local law enforcement able to find the two suspects that were responsible for the marathon attacks. These measure…show more content…
If this event or attack has never happened during a publically advertised event, then it’s sometimes hard to know how much and to what extent should local and federal law enforcement should take action in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Although that is why a risk assessment should be done so that they can prepare for these types of things and therefore are prepared for any but all possibilities of dealing with a terroristic attack such as a bombing in a very well know city such as

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