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Irena Sendler was a hero during World War 2, she singlehandedly was able to save thousands of Jewish children and babies from the ghetto. Irena Sendler was born February 15, 1910 in Warsaw Poland. Her parents were members of the Polish Socialist Party. Then her dad died when she was just a young child.
Irena was employed by the Welfare Department of the Warsaw municipality. There she was able to help the sick older people and children. After the occupation of the Germans in 1939. Irena Sendler used her job as an advantage to save the Jewish children from the ghetto. Irena and ten other people together went into the ghetto on their rescue mission. There were many means used to save the children. One of the ways they used to rescue them was using an ambulances, hiding them under the stretchers. Another means Irena used was smuggling the children through secret underground passages and sewer pipes to get out of the ghetto. They also used trunks, sacks, suitcases, and boxes to carry the children out. Irena was very creative with her rescue tactics. She knew that if she could make the children look sick or have them pretend to be sick, she could legally remove them with an ambulance. After she would rescue a child she would write their …show more content…

On October 20, 1943 Irena or Jolanta was arrested. She went to a notorious piawick prison where she was questioned repeatedly and she was tortured very badly. While they questioned Irena they actually fractured her legs and feet. Later on Irena was given the death sentence. They had arranged for her to be shot and killed. Zegota which was a codename for Polish Council to Aid Jews helped Irena escape so she wouldn’t get shot. Zegota did that by bribing the executioner. Irena didn’t know that Zegota did that for her and she was very surprised when she found out. Later on while the war was still going on Irena stayed hidden just like the children she

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