Margaret Sanger Research Paper

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Margaret Sanger Margaret Sanger, a feminist social reformer, argued that “women cannot be on equal footing with men until they have complete control over their reproductive functions”. Her argument improved our everyday life by providing more information on contraceptives, giving women the power to control their bodies, and changing the role of women and men. Margaret Sanger was determined and dedicated to provide women with information about contraceptives which eventually improved the lives of many women. During the Progressive Era, women had gained a lot more interest in becoming independent by working and improving their education. However, they were still suffering from equal rights with men. Women were only seen as “child bearers” and the head of the house, but rarely could make decisions about their pregnancy which often led to …show more content…

She had left to stay in Europe where she had assisted in a birth control clinic. When she returned to the United States, she had decided to open up her first Birth Control Clinic which only lasted 10 days in Brownsville district of Brooklyn. She was then arrested for giving out contraceptives in 1917. However, by then many people were already aware of Margaret Sanger and her contraceptive movement and she got a lot of support from women. They were all starting to become more informed about their pregnancy options which gave them control over their bodies. Infact surveys showed nearly 90 percent of college-educated couples practiced contraception. Therefore, women no longer feared having sex because they could have control over reproduction by having access to birth

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