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Is Mary Warren Really a Witch?
Flashback to Salem, Massachusetts, the year of 1692, say Rebecca B. Brooks on her website. Witchcraft has begun to be a problem. Several younger girls are having some strange symptoms. Mary Warren is one of them. She will go through a very long road during the witchcraft trials.
Mary warren was the oldest of the girls accusing people of witchcraft. Mary was 20 and worked for John and Elizabeth Proctor. She began having “fits” in March of 1692, and shortly after the other girls involved started having similar symptoms. John thought that all of the girls were lying about pretending to be bewitched and said that it was nonsense. He threatened to beat Mary if she did not stop and behave. On April 2nd, Mary’s symptoms …show more content…

This led Mary to be asked to go to court again to be a witness during testimonies and for accusations. She went to court against John’s wish. Several days later, on the day of April 4th, a group of people, mostly the younger girls, accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft, then accused John also a week later. Mary was not one of the original accusers of John or Elizabeth, but she was willing to testify against both of them by saying that they made her touch the devil’s book. John’s attitude toward Mary did not help his situation either, he often said vulgar things about her and threatened to beat …show more content…

In real life, her life was worse than in the play. In real life, John was continuously threatening her and making her miserable. He said called her rude and vulgar things to his friends in public, and told them about how he was going to beat her when he got home. In the play, John is younger and nicer. He still does not want to deal with all of the witchcraft drama, but he is also not as rude to Mary. He is stern with her at times, but does so because he wants to save both his life and his wife’s life. Mary’s character is involved deeply in both. She is also accused of witchcraft in both and escapes death in both. In the play when Mary wants to tell the truth about what happened in the woods and also about Abigail and John. Abigail then makes it seem like Mary is trying to hurt her by using her “spirit” to do so. Abigail was making it up so that she would not get in trouble for falsely accusing people of witchcraft. When Abigail accuses Mary of hurting her, the other girls turn too, which leads Mary to turn on John and make him confess to adultery with Abigail when she was working for

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