Research Paper On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Faith. Anytime something unexpected happens to anyone, everyone always says have faith; but is it faith in God, others, yourself? Elie Wiesel author of the memoir Night went through an immense amount of struggles and through it all he was able to venture into that question, and through this, he was able to reveal something very important about humanity. Through his struggle in the Holocaust, he explored how well faith in God, other and himself were able to keep him going and he revealed that faith and depending on oneself is what can get anyone through anything no matter how tough. First, as Elie had to survive through tragic events like most people the thing he chose to believe in first was God. He began his journey of suffering believing God would save him and all the other jews that were in the concentration camps, but as time went on his faith became dimmer and dimmer until it was completely lost. He counted on god to do what he believed as necessary to save people, but God never did. …show more content…

When his father died and he only had to care for himself he says “free at last,”(112) representing the relive he felt in being able to just not have to depend or be depended on by anyone. At this point in the memoir, Elie felt defeated and he had no strength to continue, but he by himself kept himself alive. In the memoir, he says “I no longer thought about my father (...) I only thought about soup, and only soup,”(113) meaning that he considered himself more important than anything towards the end on the memoir, he had finally learned that depending on god or on others wasn’t what was getting him through the Holocaust but maintain himself going and at the end depending on himself got him through. Most Humans still can’t accept that others won't be the ones to solve their problems, and believing in God can help, but the only thing that can make everything go away is having strength within

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