Research Paper On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Never shall I forget the little faces of the children whose bodies turned into wreaths of smoke beneath the silent blue sky.” This was what Elie Weisel, a survivor, said about the Holocaust. The Holocaust was horrible and Elie Weisel tells us how bad it really was in his book, Night. The story took place during World War II. It is important to study the Holocaust because we need to understand how wrong it was so that it never happens again. The Holocaust was very wrong. The Nazis killed tons of innocent people. They came up with a horrible solution to their economic problems. They killed over six million people for no real reason. The Jews did nothing to deserve this. Hitler had no right to just pick the Jewish people out of all the people. He had them all brought to camps where they were treated cruelly. They were treated like they weren’t even human and were killed in so many harsh ways. Too many people were killed and this is …show more content…

They were killed by many different techniques. Some of the tactics used were things like crematoriums, gas chambers, freezing to death, and not getting enough food to eat and starving to death. They didn’t even know that it was coming to them, and once they were in the camps they were even lied to about being safe. The Nazi workers at the camps hardly gave them any food. One small piece of bread and small bowl of soup is not enough for someone to survive and be healthy. On top of the food, the living conditions were bad as well. It was so bad that they almost looked forward to when they were murdered because they were put out of the misery that they were going through. Elie said about one of his experiences, “At every step someone fell down and ceased to suffer.” They were cold and had a lot of sickness around them too from so many people going through the camp and being unhealthy. They were very unclean. They had to go through all this horrible stuff just because they were

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