Research Paper On The Columbian Exchange

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Columbian Exchange There was once a period of time when many things we have today came from other places. The Columbian Exchange was a period of time when there was a trade between things in the New World and things from the Old World. Many of this products and goods had an impact in what the people had at that time. Many of the products helped people out with making medicine or creating new diets. These changes were for some good and others not so much. For example, Europeans enjoyed these products that came from the New World but as for the Native Americans in the New World they were excited about what was happening. The Columbian Exchange as said by Long-Solis (2003) was, “the interchange of plants and food products that took place between …show more content…

These things brought many changes to both the New World and the Old World. For example, the plants that were brought into Europe had many effects in the way the Europeans say them as. For example, Long-Solis (2003) said, “Maize and beans, subsistence crops throughout much of the Americas, prospered well in the Mediterranean Basin. Tomatoes and chili peppers adapted easily to the new atmosphere.” All these plants brought into the Europeans had an effect in the European diet. Long-Solis said, “Sicilians discovered that tomato sauces were a good complement to pasta and pizzas and provided more color and flavor than the traditional butter or olive oil dressings.” Another product that had an impact in the Columbian Exchange was the livestock that was exchanged. As said by Newson (2007), “…domesticated animals were widely adopted. Initially chickens and pigs were the most ubiquitous, but later native communities also raised large herds of cattle and sheep. In part of Latin America the indigenous population began to consume meat on a large scale.” These livestock brought a change in the diet of the people in the New World. Another impact that occurred in the Columbian Exchange was the upbringing of diseases. Newson (2007) said, “The transfer of diseases between the Old World and the Americas had a disproportionate impact on Native Americans.” Many diseases that were involved between the Columbian Exchange were respiratory diseases and

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