Research Proposal On French Revolution

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Katherine Rolfe Trinityhouse High School Little Falls Grade 12 ORT History Research Proposal Mentor: Mr Smith How was France primed for a revolution during Louis XVI’s reign in 1789? 3 November 2017 Research Hypothesis Due to the poverty rate at this time, the King Louis XVI’s inexperience with leading, the ideas of the Renaissance and food shortages, France was primed for a revolution in 1789 Motivation I studied the French Revolution in grade 10. It was one of my favourite sections that I 've studied but I was always curious about why it occurred at that specific moment in time when France had never known anything other than a monarchy. The revolution was so impactful because although it did not demolish dictatorship in France completely, with Napoleon rising to power in later years, it drastically changed the way French people lived and dramatically influenced the world . There was no more clergy or monarchy and this completely changed the way of life in France, especially for the common people. This event also inspired other people in Europe to rise up against their monarchies and fight for equality. This revolution changed France forever. Knowing the factors that caused it to happen at that specific time, may help me understand the revolution on a much deeper level and understand how those same factors could possibly influence a similar revolution in modern day society. Aims To prove that due to the poverty rate at this time, the King’s inexperience with leading the

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