Resilience In Beowulf

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Strength, honor, and resilience are all words that captures the essence of Beowulf. During the Anglo-Saxon era, Beowulf is a hero who strikes fear in his enemies and relief in his allies. Beowulf is widely-regarded as the most honorable and ruthless hero in all of the world; he defends villages of people from blood-hungry predators, defeats sea monsters, and defeats Grendel and Grendel’s mother in the epic poem Beowulf. However, Beowulf can be an egomaniac at times. For instance, before Beowulf’s epic fight and defeat of the monster Grendel, Beowulf strips nude and fights the monster nude to boast and show off. This can cause Beowulf to be a static character throughout the epic poem; he shows little change as his main goal throughout the whole …show more content…

Normally, a hero is humble and refuses to admit how great and impactful he/she has been in his/her life, but not Beowulf. Beowulf has been striving since he was young to build his legacy and glory. Another way in which Beowulf stays constant in his quest to build his name is the fact that Beowulf fights Grendel without any weapons in order to show off to his companions and Hrothgar’s king. When it says, “fastened those claws/ In his fist till they cracked” shows, not only Beowulf’s incredible strength, but also his desire to flaunt to others and to Grendel (Lines 283-284). How great would one seem to defeat their dreaded enemy with only his bare hands? To conduct a feat this incredible would surely boost his image and legacy. Lastly, as Beowulf has grown old and before he fights his final death, he utters the words “I’ve never known fear, as a youth I fought/ In endless battles. I am old, now,/ But I will fight again, seek fame still,/ If the dragon hiding in his tower dares/ To face me,” (Lines 607-609). Even as an old and frail man, Beowulf would still fight in any battle, even if he is doomed to lose, to build his legacy even further. Also in that quote, Beowulf even admits that throughout his whole life, from young to old, he has only cared about fighting in battles, seeking fame, and defeating his enemies. Throughout the epic poem Beowulf, the protagonist and ruthless warrior, Beowulf remains constant throughout his momentous adventure in his goal to build his legacy and fame by fighting countless enemies. This results in Beowulf being a static character. Though charming and heroic at times, Beowulf is a static character in the epic poem Beowulf because he always attempts to build his ego through self fame and

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