How Does Beowulf Show Self Sacrifice

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Not only have we seen brute strength, honorable courage, and admirable loyalty shine through beowulf, Beowulf also possess a great trait not many others have; his will to fight to the death, or self sacrifice. Not once throughout the story did Beowulf ever turn down a battle. Not once did he fear or flee his enemy. Not once did he ever give up even if death had him by the throat causing his mind to flood nothing but fearful thoughts and feelings throughout his body. Every battle Beowulf fought, he fought as if it was his last and that is what truly makes him the great warrior he is. It 's easy to flee a battle, but it 's hard to stay knowing death is a definitive factor. Beowulf shows that he is willing to die for his glory and to protect the Danes in every battle he faces. Against Grendel, Grendels mother, and the dragon. During his battle with …show more content…

Not only did he put himself at risk against grendel later plans to during his final battle against the dragon, he tells his people, “When he comes to me, I mean to stand, not run from his shooting flames, stand till fate decides which of us wins.” He is very determined on winning this last treacherous battle and killing the dragon even if it will cost him his own life. He even goes into the battle knowing death is a probable factor. His tone and the context of his speech shows it when he his talking to his people, it 's almost as if he saying goodbye. When it comes to our modern day heroes, fighting to the death is in their arsenal as well. However very few of them actually “fight to the death”. The fact Beowulf actually does die shows how much more glorious and respected he should be opposed to our modern day heroes. Looking at our modern day heroes being in this position i felt they would have fled and attempted to recover to come back with a bigger blow. Our modern day heroes are more than capable of fighting to the death but more times than not, they fear death when it is staring them in the face and resort to

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