Review Of Adams Vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election Of 1800

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In John Ferling’s book, Adams vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, the author focused on both the political and personal lives of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. In addition to that, the book featured the friendship that formed between them, as well as how they eventually became political enemies. What made this book so impressive, was the amount of sources and records used by the author to create a mental picture of what life was like during their time, and how the series of events that took place, would change the course of American history forever. What was even more interesting to see was the different paths that both Adams and Jefferson took, as well as their different beliefs in what a true government should be for the newly …show more content…

According to Ferling, “Adams attended the First Continental Congress in the fall of 1774. Jefferson was added to Virginia’s congressional delegation the following summer”(Ferling 22). Even though Adams had an advantage of being involved in the pre-national political scene than Jefferson, he had different qualities that affected how people saw him. He was a short man, “his visage was excessively stern, somewhere between a pout and a scoul. He was brusquely impatient with those of little talent or inadequate preparation”(Ferling 22). Despite these flaws, Adams was considered “unflinchingly honest, good-humored, and self effacing individual”(Ferling 22). In the case of Jefferson, he was much different in his visible presentation among others. He was tall, and considered “modest, indulgent, considerate, and unsurpassed as a conversationalist in the company of those with whom he was comfortable. He listened to others, always a winning trait, but he was also well informed”(Ferling 24). What were even more important were both of their views on government. According to Furling, while “Adams envisioned the people, through government, fostering a greater good, Jefferson wished to ensure that individuals would be liberated from governments”(Ferling 26). These same views would be seen again during Adams presidency as well as during the elction for 1800. Adams and Jefferson became very good friends while they were both living in France. They spent much time talking together about the possible revolution that would occur there, and the changes it would bring. Once the French Revolution began, both men had different opinions. For Jefferson, he saw the revolution as a triumph for France in abolishing its prior form of government. Adams, was not so sure about the revolution being a triumph, but he did believe that the crafting of the Constitution back home would

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