Review Of Margaret Mead's Speech 'A New Control Of Destiny'

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The theme i’m going to be talking about in this speech is about the time of humanity for human nature to help people connect. Throughout the time of humanity there has been human nature to help people connect. This is the theme that I will be presenting in this speech. The following articles written by The New York Times, entitled “Growing Together”, Margaret Mead’s speech entitled “A New Control of Destiny”, and the book “Seedfolks” written by Paul Fleischman are articles that explain how community and human nature affect us all in certain situations. The New York Times article, called “Growing Together”, illustrates a small community coming together to convert an old abandoned building lot into a large garden/farm for resources for local stores and restaurants. Seedfolks focuses on an old lot in Cleveland used as a local dump being converted into a small garden by cultures from across the globe. Margaret Mead’s speech mainly talks about human nature when presented with a certain situation. …show more content…

This farm was established on an old abandoned building lot that burned down years before. This group of people work to clear the area to and create a way to meet their needs. They grew fruits, veggies, and raise a small group of chickens and cows. As one of the leaders of this community garden said, “We’re showing how to build a local community, we’re not showing ‘em how to farm.” This part of human nature shows that deep down, we rely on other people to help us succeed in life. The people that I rely on to help me succeed are my parents, teachers, and church

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