Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Treaty Of Versailles

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Delaney Smith Coach Herrera 11/24/16 Period 2 WWI Treaty of Versailles Paragraph 1: After four years of war, over seven million deaths and being one of the deadliest conflicts in history, WWI was ended by the Treaty of Versailles. Included was the plan to come back from the war dealing with land distributions and reparations. Along with the Treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points of peace was a plan to promote peace and a world without war. He discussed ways to promote peace throughout the United States such as Freedom on the Seas, Removal of Trade Barriers and the setup of the League of Nations. In order to keep that society made by Wilson’s fourteen points of peace and the Treaty of Versailles the League of Nations was set up to avoid conflict and to keep the peace-like …show more content…

Wilson created this plan in hopes of encouraging Central Powers to end hostility and to inaugurate moralistic intentions for the United State’s participation in WW1. A few significant points he made in his speech are Freedom of navigation on the sea, Removal of trade barriers and The assemble of The League of Nations. Freedom of navigation on the sea allows the freedom to navigate the ocean ,but denies the approval of war being fought on the ocean. The removal of trade barriers applies to nations in which have accepted the responsibility to be in The League of Nations. It allows a equal in trade among all nations. The League of Nations was set up in attempt to ensure a revived conflict would not arise. Wilson felt by putting this point into place we can avoid going into war with other nations. Unfortunately, Wilson’s plan failed due to the German Army who built their efforts on the European Western Front. However, within a few months the German Army began peace talks based on his Fourteen Points of

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