Vietnam War A Success Or Failure Essay

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In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson released his “Peace Without Victory” around 2 months before the United States declared war on Germany. In it he talked about the role of the US in foreign matter and how the war should go down with discussion and not obliteration of the other side. Both fortunately and unfortunately, his ideas were passed over and the US declared war on the Central Powers. One of the problems (or solution depending on how you see it) addressed the role of the US in Europe and other countries. Wilson saw the US as the “Negotiator” in the middle settling disputes between the countries. Wilson wanted the US to unite the European powers but with a catch. He suggested that all of their weapons should be removed or they should give them to a united military. He also suggested that the whole world should follow this rule which Congress and other countries opposed. Wilson wanted the US to be the savior and unite the world under one military but many did not like this. Europe, (the Triple Entente specifically) heavily opposed this. They had invested many lives and so much of their resources that to back out now would make …show more content…

This question, I have an answer for personally. It is based on the state of Unification. Success of our country has always been based on how unified we are as a people. The Revolutionary War was a HUGE success and we managed to fight off one of the strongest countries at the time. All of the US was tired of the British. On the polar opposite, we can look at on of the worst wars the US fought in, Vietnam. We rushed into Vietnam and many soldiers died in the process. Those back home in the country hated these deaths and when a people supported government is no longer supported by the people, it will fall (Example: Rome). This idea of Unification ties into one of the best quotes: “united we stand, divided we

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