Rhetorical Analysis Of Dr King

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Dr. King felt passionate about his belief that America's involvement in the Vietnam war was unjust, and decided to write a essay on the topic. Dr. King used many persuasive elements to better his chances of affecting the reader. For example, he uses factual information to push points, reasoning to back up said facts, and emotional appeal to speak to the reader on a personal level. Dr. King makes specific points on the unjust use of the poor during the war and the persistent issue of social inequality still plaguing America. Using these methods Dr. King is able to better persuade the reader on the issue at hand. Furthermore, you have his use of factual evidence as a tool to better his persuasive reasoning. For example, Dr. King uses the fact of American funding being taken away from social program, to help fund the war, as a primary reason for the statistically harmful nature of the war. He is able to compare this draining of money to a "demonic suction cup", providing the readers with a visual understanding of the drain from the war effort. Dr. King also brings up the fact that America is fighting a war, eve though the war on social inequity is still being waged. He uses this as a reference to the civil rights movement, and how America is only killing itself by …show more content…

King uses to back up his claims, in order to better connect ideas with each other. One of the largest tides made to the war is the current degradation of personal livelihood, particularly those found in the ghettos. As stated before, the removal of fund has created problems in what would have been areas of reconstruction. Dr. King uses this idea to connect the draining of funding and how the war is effecting citizens in both Vietnam and America. Dr. King also connects the social discrepancies of Vietnam to modern day America, stating that the killing and burning of Vietnam and its people is an exact allusion to the riots and unneeded killing in

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