Rhetorical Analysis Of Healing The Political Divide By Kirk Waldroff

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay
In the article, “Healing the Political Divide,” written by Kirk Waldroff, he uses multiple rhetorical devices and appeals to make his point clear. This article is based on our time now, the present generation and the most recent, oldest generation. Waldroff’s purpose for this piece is to explain and provide a beneficial source of information on how to heal from being politically divided. Waldroff wanted to provide a piece with reliable sources and information, in order for people to listen to his “why’s?” and “hows?”
Waldroff emphasizes the use of the rhetorical device of ethos, throughout his article. There are multiple examples of reliable sources, such as other researchers and those who have credible knowledge. The mention of these specific people makes it so we, as the reader, feel more inclined to believe that Waldroff is truly providing information that will make an impact. One example of an accredited source, taken from early on in the article, “Some of this divide is a matter of perception,” says Tania Israel, Ph.D., professor of counseling psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and author of Beyond Your Bubble, a book about connecting across …show more content…

For a brief mention of this device, one example it’s clear is, “To decrease the political divide, we must understand the various factors that work to divide us. One thing we can do right now as individuals is pause and consider our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and identify the psychological factors at play.” As a reader, understanding logic is how you would understand logos. This example is similar to pathos due to the mention of feelings and emotions. However, in order to practice pathos, logic must be involved in the process. It’s important to be logical when going about emotions, especially when it comes to politics, where many people's feelings are on the

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