Rhetorical Analysis Of How It Feels To Be Colored Me

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Rhetorical essay In the essay How It Feels to be Colored Me by Zora Neale Hurston, Hurston uses many rhetorical strategies in her stories to convey her message. Using the unique style of writing of vivid imagery and powerful tone, gets the readers to be more involved in her stories and are able to feel the message and her own perspective. Projecting about self-perception and how the opinions of others do not affect one easily. Through the distinctive tone and message of her story, it challenges the discriminatory opinions of her time. The author uses many strategies to build her story, as she uses vivid imagery to show her experiences growing up in a mainly white dominant town when she was young. Hurston uses that vivid imagery pairing with color as suggested “brown bag of miscellany propped against a wall,” creating a metaphor and imagery of how her experiences was in the diverse society. The brilliant usage of rhetorical devices enables readers a next level experience in involving themselves in the story and gets the readers to feel and to emphasize her message and story. Using these strategies readers are more involved and engaged into the story and it levels the depths of the story. …show more content…

Thus shaping her message and frame because she adopts a confident and dominant voice. In this passage she says “I have no separate feeling about being an American citizen and colored. I am merely a fragment of the Great Soul that surges within the boundaries. My country, right or wrong”. It expresses her way of thinking and how her view is of the past race, as it also argues the fact that race is bestowed on one another due to social contexts. Hurston challenges the social norms of current society with her way of words and how she has lived her life. Using the distinctive voice it casts out the racial problems and singles out the social problems of

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