Rhetorical Devices Used In Abigail Adams Letter

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Abigail Adams’ Use of Rhetorical Devices Abigail Adams uses all three appeals, ethos, pathos and logos, in her letter to her son. The most used appeals in Adams’ letter are ethos, the ethical appeal, and pathos, the emotional appeal. Abigail also makes the rhetorical choices to set the tone of her letter and use figurative language to bring her words to life. She uses these appeals and makes these rhetorical choices to show she is well informed and to strike emotion in her audience, her son, while setting the mood of the letter and illuminating the importance of her writing. To show her son that she is knowledgeable of these topics, Abigail uses the appeal of ethos. Adams does this by referencing …show more content…

She does this to make her letter more personal and try to connect with her son on a deeper level. “You, however, readily submitted to my advice, and, I hope, will never have occasion yourself, nor give me reason, to lament it.” Abigail is using pathos to show John her concern that something might happen to him on his journey. She is appealing to her son’s emotions to show that she cares for him and does not want harm to reach him. Abigail only wants the best case scenario for john, “the strict inviolable regard you have ever paid to truth, gives me pleasing hopes that you will not swerve from her dictates, but add justice, fortitude, and every manly virtue which can adorn a good citizen, do honor your country, and render your parents supremely happy, particularly your ever affectionate mother,” Adams’ tone suggests that she is proud of john and encourages him to stick to his morals and listen to what she is advising him to do. Another way Adams sparks emotion in her son is with the use of figurative language. To show John that he will gain knowledge and enriching experiences from his voyage, she uses metaphors. “ All history will convince you of this and that wisdom and penetration are the fruit of experience, not the lessons or retirement and leisure.” by saying this Abigail is reminding her son that in life it is the hardships and the difficult encounters that teach the greatest lessons. …show more content…

By doing this Abigail is communicating to her son that his past experiences and what he knows about history will help him along the way of his voyage. “ these are times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not the still calm of life, or teh repose of a pacific staton, that great characters are formed. Adams is trying to explain to her son that even those with the most knowledge and intelligence are less wealthy than those who inherit experience and wisdom of the world. She is expressing to Jon that if he were to be the ma with the highest itelligence he would lack the knowledge gained from traveling. There is a sense of enrichment that Adams is encouraging her son to chase. “Yet it is your lot, my son, to be an eyewitness of these calamities in your own antive land, and, at the sae time to ow your existencd among a people who have made a glorious defence of their invaded liberties, and who, aided by generousand powerful ally.” Abigail is highlighting the importance of being present and using this voyage to her sons full potential. To her it is more than a trip between a son and his father, it is a way to connect on a deeper level not only with family but with ones self and become enriched with this once and a lifetime

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