Analysis Of Abigail Adams Letter To Her Son

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In a letter to her son, Abigail Adams shares her advice for him while traveling abroad. The letter encourages John Quincy Adams to make the most of this experience as evidenced by her appealing to her son as a mother, her reference to heroes of the past and present, as well as her source of credibility.

In this letter Adams appeals to her son as his mother so that he will value her advice and encouragement. She uses the phrase "If I had thought your reluctance arose from proper deliberation, or that you were capable of judging what was most for your own benefit, I should not have urged you to accompany your father and brother when you appeared so averse to the voyage" (Line 3-8). With this statement, Adams is implying that she would not have had her son go on this trip if she didn’t believe he was prepared for it. Adams intends for her son to learn valuable information while voyaging to France, and if he were to not go he would be missing out on these life experiences such as the voyage …show more content…

She uses the work of "Some author" she has met (Line 16). When introducing this author's perspective Adams shows that she's not the only person that thinks people can't learn if they don’t go anywhere. Staying in one place your whole life will not teach you lessons, make great memories, or help you improve. Adams wants her son to know that no matter how old you are, you never stop learning. The author compares a traveler to a river "Increases its stream the further it flows from its source" (Line 17-18). Following this Adams also adds that it is "Expected" for her son to expand, that he is under the influence of a "Tender parent" that wants him to succeed. He should take this opportunity as a gift and run with it, to acknowledge every step he takes on this journey. The authors statement along with Adams advice helps further John on his

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