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Richard III Richard was considered to be one of the most arrogant and selfish kings in the 13th century. He was supposed to have killed two of his nephews, just to become king. Richard was born to two nobles named Richard of Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville Duchess of York on the 2nd October 1452 and died on the 22 of August 1485. He had many titles such as, Richard Duke of York, Richard III, Lord Protector, Duke of Gloucester and many more. He was one of the kings who were controversial because Henry Tudor had made people believe Richard had ‘killed’ his nephews in the Tower of London but according to Josephine Tey, he is much more innocent looking than his successor Henry, but not everything is the way as it seems. Wars …show more content…

As you probably guessed, the badges were of roses. A red one for Lancastrians and the white rose for the Yorkists. From 1455 to 1485, wars were fought between Henry VI who was the Lancastrian king and Edward VI who was the Yorkist king. The …show more content…

Richard was born on the 2nd of October 1452. During that time, Henry VI was ruling. He was a weak king and couldn’t solve large problems that affected England. A cause for it, was said to be that he had serious mental issues. ‘Richard’s father Richard Plantagenet, was one of those people who hated the reign of Henry VI.’2 He was once caught criticising Henry in public with his friends and was charged with treason- a crime punishable by death. Richard and his friends decided to rebel with their own private armies. He easily won the Battle of Nottingham, capturing Henry and killing many of the Lancastrian nobles as well. Sadly, Richard Plantagenet died fighting a war because he was outnumbered with the amount of soldiers he had. It was said that he was unhorsed, wounded and beheaded to death. Richard’s brother Edmund also died in that same war, This had depressed Richard dearly. Being the eldest son, Richard’s brother Edward IV became king. Edward was considered cruel because he had his brother George, Duke of Clarence sentenced to death because he had rebelled against his brother. Many people also believed that George had mental health outbreaks just like King Henry VI. He was killed in the Tower of London by drowning in a barrel of wine. Richard was diagnosed with scoliosis when he was older, this had resulted to him in being tired and wouldn’t have helped him during the

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