Robert Frost Persuasive Essay

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branching off of the trees that are darker in color. Frost uses juxtaposition to show the contrast of the darker trees amongst the white bark. The bark of birch trees can vary in color, white to darker ones such as black. Although the ones he specifically describes are the darker birches, which helps develop the connection to stressful times. The birches being that darker color shows the imagery of bad times and now in this line he puts forth a possible hypothesis claiming that a boy has been swinging on them. The readers can infer that this imagination that Frost is creating is pleasant. The connotation of “swinging,” helps readers see this as a bright imagination because swinging can be seen as a joyous activity. However in his following …show more content…

However, he understands that he has to face the real reason to why they are bent, which shows how Frost is trying to express that reality must be faced. The reason that the birches are bent is because of the winter storms that makes them coated with heavy snow causing them to grow in the bent-over position (Andrews 236). In the following lines, “loaded with ice in sunny winter morning” (6) Frost uses an oxymoron to show how imagination corresponds to the truth. Frost uses “sunny,” to describe the winter, which creates a powerful connotation. The season of winter is described as a harsh environment however here Frost uses sunny to describe this morning, which helps create this bright imagery. The way Frost uses this specific verb allows this more captivating side to the harsh environment of winter. The colds of winter is in a way shielded by the sun, which is symbolic of how Frost is trying to show the readers that imagination and joy can shield the miseries and pains. Instead of just referring it to as a winter morning he uses “sunny,” because he has the ability to look beyond what is presented as

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