Robert William Willie Pickton: The Pig Farmer Killer

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Robert William “Willie” Pickton, as known as “The Pig Farmer Killer”, is a Canadian serial killer for several additional murders. In December 2007 he was sentenced to life in jail, with no probability of parole for a long time the longest sentence then accessible under Canadian law for homicide. Robert Pickton is thought to have killed very nearly fifty women reported as lost from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver somewhere between 1997 and 2002. If we look at most of the criminals they are associated with a horrifying past and it goes for Robert Pickton. Developmental Theory identifies with his crime more evidently. The Developmental Perspective views the life course of all people as taking after a pathway that may be littered with danger …show more content…

I chose this theory to go along with Robert Pickton is the fact that it describes all stages of his behavior from a young age. This theory highlights the main factors of what caused him to do all these homicides.

Robert Pickton one of the most dangerous criminals in the history of Canadian crime history. Ladies are vanishing. Sixty-nine of them vanished from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver somewhere around 1997 and 2002. Northern groups in British Columbia accept that more than forty ladies have turned up lost from the Highway of Tears in the previous thirty years. The imperiled don't originate from each stroll of life. (Craig Elaine). Robert Pickton is thought to have killed just about fifty of the ladies reported as absent from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver somewhere around 1997 and 2002. Taking after years of far reaching detachment to the shocking number of ladies that kept on disappearing from this area in Vancouver, an examination at last brought about Pickton's capture in 2002. Pickton …show more content…

Developmental characteristics are usually noticeable in early age. “It describes experiences that are common factors in the background of offenders, such as school failure, abuse of alcohol, or childhood victimization”. They are also introduced to some risk factors; some might be exposed to less and some more than others. They could have gone through anti – social behavior. Major factors that played a huge role in offender’s life were social risk factors. Social risk factors are poverty, antisocial peers, peer rejection, and Pre School or school failure experiences. The greater part of young people who affront amid youthfulness halt and there are a little number of them who keep on culpable in adulthood. Parental and family risk factors are also very important in developmental theory. It includes inadequate parenting, sibling influence, child maltreatment or abuse and single parent households. Youngsters are regularly dismisses by their companions for a mixed bag of reasons, yet their own particular forceful conduct has all the earmarks of being a conspicuous reason. They have a tendency to reject those companions who often utilize manifestations of physical and verbal animosity as their favored method for managing others. Animosity consolidated with associate dismissal prompts

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