Robophobia In Brave New World

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One Mindless Robot Robophobia means the fear of robots; Huxley must deal with robophobia because essentially government adjusted his surrounding peers to metamorphosize into robots. Scientists program robots; similarly, how the World State programs their members. The programmable algorithm that World State places on people to create robots is the caste system. Robots and the people in World State share interchangeable characteristics; therefore, if Huxley feels scared by people, theoretically, he feels the same emotion towards robot. Huxley’s thoughts poured into Brave New World so that his fear does not become a reality in the future for later generations. Brave New World describes a societal class systems promoting isolation of the individual, …show more content…

As a result, Aldous Huxley disagreed with his colleagues; furthermore, their beliefs and actions horrified Huxley (Chapter). Not only did Huxley’s written work named numerous problems like society’s economic and leadership problems, but Brave New World also proclaimed the disrespect people gave towards one another. Examples that influenced Huxley are the Great Depression became the worst case of economic instability, and leaders like Karl Marx rose to power where he caused misery for millions. As a matter of fact, Brave New World can be interpreted as an autobiographical reflection of Huxley because themes reflect his own personal life (Chapter). Huxley writes John as a reflection of himself. While John takes on a persona of an outsider, this represents Huxley being an outcast in his own society. Members in Brave New World imitate the rejection reaction in modern society, and brings to fluorescence of the greediness in their actions. Furthermore, improvement in knowledge of scientific and technological discoveries benefits and punishes members witnessing the progression (Bear). Beneficial discoveries in Brave New World come to fluorescence when scientists eradicate disease. Discoveries created a punishing effect on the people when life spans become shorter because old age is discouraged. ))) In later generations, Huxley predicts a rise in power from a ruthless group who will bring disastrous ramification (Brave). Brave New World becomes Huxley’s form of protest to educate the public of the impending future based on his

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