Rogers Communications: Grow Your Business In Canada

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Rogers is a communications that first began in 1925 when Rogers Sr created the first (AC) Alternating Current heater filament cathode for a radio tube. This was breakthrough for popularizing radio as people could now receive radio reception from their household. Rogers communications was a company that was later founded by Ted Rogers in the 1960 and began its company with radio by buying the CHFI radio channel. He then later extended company by starting up Rogers cable tv in Ontario. Over the next 50 years they are continuing to innovate the company and delivering you the you the future in technology. Rogers states what their mission is. …show more content…

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"Grow Your Business in Canada." About. N.p., n.d. Mon. 12 Jan. 2015. Rogers Communications varies in three main lines of business. The three are Rogers cable, Rogers wireless, and Rogers media. Rogers Cable is the largest of the three and is cable television provider created in 1967 in Canada for millions of homes in Canada offering cable television, high-speed Internet access, at home telephone services, and video retailing. The next largest division is Rogers Wireless is Canada's largest wireless communications services provider, under the Rogers, Fido, Chatr Wireless and Cityfone brand names, with 8.6 million voice and data subscribers. Rogers Wireless is Canada's largest voice and data communications services provider. Rogers Media is Canada's number 1 collection of the best media assets with 51 different radio stations, television broadcasting, televised shopping, publishing and sports entertainment. Rogers continues to stay a leading competitor by making bold and decisions of importance that affect consumers everywhere such as in 2004 when rogers bought out the rest of the shares for sportsnet at 45 million.”COMPANY NEWS; ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS PURCHASES REMAINDER OF SPORTSNET” were the headlines of the New York Times in 2004. Another example is when Rogers signed a 4.9 billion 12 year contract that gave Rogers exclusive rights to all national hockey telecasts.”N.H.L. Reaches Amazing Telecast Deal

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