Romantic Movement In Wordsworth

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Romantic Movement began in the 18th century and continued into the 19th century. This movement was a rebellion against the principle of realism and scientific thought. Romance movement is concern nature and passion and often written in simple everyday language is far from affectation. Of the most prominent poets Wordsworth and was known as the "Father of English Romance" .he Is one of the best-known figures in England as romantic poetry , and he is a source of inspiration, love and imagination. he had an impact on individuals and he inviting them to love and unite with nature, the most important of his poems, "Daffodils" from the beginning of the poem to the end, nature appear everywhere in the poem. From the title "Daffodils" and despite small…show more content…
Wordsworth genius and the only romantic poet may be attractive, but sometimes can be a collaborative work. There is large school of poets who are affected by each other, such as: Benlaken correspondence with his mistress Monica Jones. Dorothy wrote for the her journal when she and Wordsworth was returning from visiting their friends whom live near Lake Ullswater stopped to watch the scene daffodils beside the sea is Wordsworth, Dorothy wrote ....... for Daffodils and differ from the poem by Wordsworth as writing Diary and not intended for publication and she talked about events that took place in a full day her journal like buildings, animals, and people, and agreed with Wordsworth as used embodiment in writing for daffodils dance people. When Wordsworth wanted writing his poem that was needed to help his memory from his experience of two years ago and memorandums of Dorothy was the ambulance to his memory, which is the main source for the poem. Wordsworth his Genius and his solitary not only that he drawn look about his character through poems, but in fact the poem is not only a collective action. And we can see the other side of his biography when he referred to two verses that it 's composed by his wife, Wordsworth mentions they beautiful verses poem "........................ .......................................... "Feeling to us exclamation why he not refer to his sister but we know she help his brother through her Journal while he refer to his wife. When you read the poem and daily memos see and hear a tremendous amount of scenes connected with each other and frequent, as a result this poem was collective work. The poem first release was in
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