Romanticism In The House Of Usher

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Romanticism was an artistic movement that gave special importance to emotions. Writers of the romantic period focused mostly on nature. They emphasized on new emotions, like terror, surprise and grief. The era marked literature because authors started to see nature from another perspective, and found a sort of "dark beauty". Writers were more passionate and emotional, as compared to previous ones. Before romanticism, literature was lighter, and no one questioned it. Prior to the romantic period, writers were strongly tied to a set of words and emotions they could put into paper. This was partially due to all the religious and puritan writings that were dominant in those ages. Romanticism symbolized an important step towards a more liberated way of…show more content…
Even the narrator says Rodrick was vert different when they were kids. Maybe the house had gotten the worst of his condition. The house looks like it fed on people 's fear, as shown at the end of the story.

The title of the story aligns perfectly with the story itself in the last sentences. The House of Usher starts breaking and falling to the ground. It is as if it is missing its strength, or its power source. When there was no one to taunt in the house, it got weak and fell apart.

The house returning to being dust in the middle of nowhere is an example of how fond romantic writers were of nature. Though Poe 's stories were dark and gloomy, he always included nature in his work. In this story; he talked about the crooked trees, the rain, etc. In conclusion, nothing says "romanticism" like one of Edgar Allan Poe 's tales. He mastered the characteristics of approximately 100 years of romanticism in less than half of that time. That is why he is now a very known and acclaimed author.

"The Fall of the House of Usher", due to its well thought characters and descriptive imagery, will forever remain an icon for romanticism and for literature in
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