Thanatopsis Compare And Contrast

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Leaves rustling in the wind on a brisk fall day, the sun’s rays glistening the dew drops of a flower, and the heavy weight of snow on one’s rooftop after a chilly December night; these are all detailed and sensational descriptions of nature's most extreme conditions. Typically these detailed descriptions evoke a strong sense of emotion within the reader's mind, and provide a feeling of connection with nature. In the short story The Fall of the House of Usher by: Edgar Allen Poe, and in the poem Thanatopsis by: William Cullen Bryant, Poe and Bryant set the mood using two romanticism characteristics; detailed descriptions of the surrounding landscape to connect to the senses of the reader, along with parallels of nature to human beings, these …show more content…

Bryant is discussing the afterlife of a human and what they will endure. He explains, “Thine individual being, shalt thou go To mix for ever with the elements, To be a brother to the insensible rock” (0000) Bryant perceives death as a glorious finale to an individual's life. In his poem, nature is connected with human beings in her never ending cycle. Bryant also provides examples of sensational writing in his poem. He says, “Rock-ribbed and ancient as the sun,—the vales Stretching in pensive quietness between;The venerable wood” (0000). Bryant’s descriptions of natural things are incredibly detailed,and packed full of sensory. Bryant’s poem contains strong sensory prevalently throughout the poem. Connection humans and nature, and writing with strong sensory allow Bryant’s poem to awaken the reader. The romantic characteristics of strong sensory, and showing the parallels of humans and nature, are shown in both Poe and Bryant’s pieces of literature. Exhibiting the comparisons between man and nature is a very common romantic characteristic. Along with providing the reader with an image of the scene is crucial for understanding of the literature. Both writers provide numerous scenes containing detailed descriptions of nature and the connection humans have with

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