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The second poem is again by famous war poet Wilfred Owen. The poem also has strict basis in the theme of nature and the theme is key in understanding the poet. The poem describes the events that once took place in one of Owen’s battles within the context of nature. The poem begins with a reference to how important the hills are to the soldiers who take rest from the battles in the shade from the hills. There is strong natural imagery in the poem that suggests the setting of the poem as well as what the situation was when the scene was taking place. There is reference to month that suggests the weather at the moment the situation took place. The setting of the scene provides calm for the poet as well as the soldiers that are at the scene. It …show more content…

What is interesting to note about this poem is that the theme of nature in this poem shows a positive portrayal of the natural surroundings. In Flanders Field is a poem written about love for their possession, their duty and the responsibility towards something that was once important to them and from then continue to remain so. The poem even though majorly focuses on themes of duty and responsibility there is a strong underlying theme of nature in the poem. The poem begins with the description of the setting however there is strong inclusion of the theme of nature in the first line itself. The poet describes the fields as being covered in poppies. The significance of poppies is very important in this poem as it is in every war poem. Poppies are known to grow in the harshness of the war torn land, and the poppies included in the poem are a particularly red colored poppy genus. Poppies grow between the places where the soldiers have previously fallen however it can be interpreted that the poppies grow as a sign of resilience. The poem continues to show how the songbirds; larks are flying around in the sky, bravely. The use of nature is important in this part of the poem because it shows the positive side of the war torn field. It shows how nature, more specifically the birds and the flowers give hope and strength to the poet. The nature that surrounds the soldiers is a source of peace for the soldiers. Hearing the larks singing is what gives them comfort however the war that is going on is preventing them from finding solace in the one thing that gives them company through the tough times. In the remainder of the poem there is only one mention of nature again when the poet ends the poem with the line ‘If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields’ the reference again to poppies shows the deep connection of nature with death. Poppies as previously mentioned in the poem

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