In Flanders Field Poem

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Recently, I have read a poem named “In Flanders Field”, written by John McCrae, a Canadian writer. The major theme of the poem is war. Because the poem was written in the year of 1915, during the World War I. At that time, McCrae, as a doctor, joined the army and fought against the Belgian in Flanders, which was located in the northern part of France and the southwest of Belgium. So it talks about the horrifying fight, from the quotes “crosses, row on row” and “larks, still bravely singing, fly”, the author described a scene of the battlefield, maybe the pause of the fight. Because of this poem, on November 11th every year, people wear a little red poppy on their chests to remember the great achievements of the war and to warn their children …show more content…

This is the scene where he witnessed the death of his best friend, Alexis Helmer, who was only 22 years old. First of all, “ago” and “glow” are rhyme. Secondly, it provides a image for the reader: the day before, he and his teammates lived together, seeing the sun rise and down, and maybe speaking jokes to each other. But today, the war ,the killing machine, has begun, his best friend has gone, and cannot talk to him anymore. From the image, the authors wants to tell the readers that the war is horrifying, and tomorrow of the soldiers may never come.What’s more, readers can also feel of the sadness of author, for he loses his best friend. In addition, author expresses the hate to the war. Last but not least, the line “The torch; be yours to hold it high.” also attracts readers. “Torch” means “hope”. Though many people die in the fight, but a large number of them survive and the war hasn’t come to the end, so the survivors should keep fighting against the enemies so that they can protect their lands. And the torch which is holding high can give the soldiers the sprit of resilience and lead them to the victory. To sum up, “In Flanders Field” , which aim is to in memory of the soldiers who dedicated themselves for their country, is one of the most infectious poems that writes about the

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