Figurative Language In Edgar Allan Poe

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American writer, Edgar Allan Poe wrote short stories, poems and as a critic during the Romantic Era. Due to several losses of loved ones, Poe’s elevated control of his language was inspired from his emotional turmoils. With no real relationship with his biological family, Poe established a loving relationship with his foster mother. The two main inspirations for Poe and his work were his mother and his wife. Taking his emotion, philosophical, and artistic ideals, Poe distinguished symbolism between the inspirations of his imagination and life experiences and became one of the front-runners of modern literature. In his poems “The Lake” and “To One In Paradise” Poe employed imagery and figurative language to display these ideals and his individuality of emotion. In “The Lake” the nature and scenery were the inspiration of the poem which is illustrated through imagery. The descriptions of the scenery in, “Of a wild lake, with black rock bound, / and the tall pines that towered around.” (Lines 5-6) are portraying the setting that is the influence of the speaker’s emotions. The imagery emphasized the solitude of the environment because the towering trees around the speaker made him seem small and miniscule, and the black rocks surrounded him on the spot . Even though the scene described could be seen as aloof and desolate, the speaker enjoyed the spot, “So lovely was the loneliness.” (4). It can be seen that the calm and pleasant attitude of the speaker is influenced from

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