How Does Life Affect Poe's Work

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How Life Has Affected Edgar Allan Poe’s Work Edgar Allan Poe, was not famous for writing happy and cheerful poems. Throughout Edgar Allan Poe’s life, he was surrounded by constant fatality from the death of his parents leading up to the final moments of his dear wife Virginia and it was expressed in his poems and fictional writings. His birth parents died when Poe was very young and this impacted and influenced many of his poems “From childhood’s hour I have not been-”(Alone Line 1). Edgar Allan Poe, described as a poet whom is known for his "horror and haunting poems", was a growing writer and could produce explicit stories, but how was this sudden dark and uneasy work inspired?
Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 to a family of actors, whose lives were cut short just when Poe was …show more content…

They met in 1841 when Griswold wanted to publish an anthology, which is a collection of stories, poems, books, etc. His work is critiqued by Poe before he publishes it, which only led Griswold leaving angry and publishing the collection anyway. Feeling spiteful, Poe wrote a harsh review and thus, sparking up the rivalry between the two. Griswold wanted to publicly shame Poe by creating an educated rumor that he was a drunk, and many of his aspirations were under the influence. Although this could have been true, there was no hard evidence to support it (Defamation). Edgar Allan Poe was an all around admired poet, but very few tend to actually learning about what made his horrific stories come to life. Many can say it was the loss of loved ones, including his parents and his wife. Others will argue that it was under the influence of alcohol. Although the reasoning is not written on paper, there is a worldwide assumption that all of these more than likely played a key factor in his dark

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