How Did Poe's Life Change Throughout The Tell Tale Heart

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We’ve all read stories before but not like Edgar Allen Poe’s, his stories will question everything you think and maybe even horrify you, but one things for certain you will never be unimpressed with is work “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” From this quote you can interpret many things. Edgar Allen Poe is a very dark and gloomy man who is tying to survive in this world but you can see that darkness seems to always consume his life. Something else that stuck out is Edgar Allen Poe an alcoholic himself that seems to find it’s way into this story. For instance in many of his story like Tell Tale Heart the content is very dark and defiantly borderline insane in this paper I will be showing you what Edgar Allen Poe as I see fit. At the beginning of the story Tell Tale Heart …show more content…

Yet there’s one last point I must make these actions have definitely changed the course of the narrators life which leads me believe the actions that Edgar Allen Poe take the main character through seem to follow the lines of an alcoholic. Some characteristics of an alcoholic are denial they can function normally but there condition is still very noticeable to others around them. Another piece of information about this was that if a person who is an alcoholic is successful they have an even harder time believing that they have a problem. Now your probably wondering how does this relate to Edgar Allen Poe? Well he himself was an alcoholic and his stories seem to portray some of these characteristics for instance in Tell Tale Heart the narrator idea’s seem rational to him and at the end of the story everything that seemed to make sense before now seems very irrational. I have taken you through the main even the affects of this event and helped you see Edgar Allen Poe’s stories from a different light all these topics are equally important and play a significant role in truly understanding Edgar Allen Poe’s

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