Annabell Lee By Edgar Allan Poe

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Picking Up The Pieces of Poe Edgar Allan Poe is writer of his feelings. Each of Poe's writings is packed with his thoughts good or bad. As the readers try to understand the author's thoughts and or feelings, is why we might try to uncover a author's past life. For an example in Poe's early stages of becoming a writer he married his wife Virginia only to lose her of tuberculosis. When while reading Annabell Lee in class the readers made a lengthy connection throughout the story. Also the readers came to the conclusions that the story “Annabell Lee” sounds very much like Poe's real life problems with his wife dying so suddenly, just as it is describes in Annabell Lee. So should a reader get more in depth with the author's biography, or just keep us wondering? …show more content…

Once Chosen a book and uncovered a authors past life the reader can start making connections. When doing this it makes the reader think if the author is just detailing the story or detailing his life? This question is often considered a hardball throw for the writer. Adger Allan Poe is a controversial genius of doing this very thing, as Poe describes in his story “Annabelle Lee” stanza 6, line 1-2 “ And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;” The example shows that he is describing the way this person felt about Annebel, but the readers can also conclude this might be the same way Poe felt about Virginia. This is why the reader might uncover the author's

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