Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Summary Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Act 3 summary
Scene 1 takes place in a public area and Mercutio and Benvolio enter with several servants. Benvolio then starts to complain about the hot weather and Mercutio starts to make fun of him. Then Tybalt and a couple servants enter the scene. Tybalt asks Benvolio and Mercutio if they have seen Romeo. Benvolio and Mercutio then start to mess with Tybalt and Romeo enters the scene. Tybalt then challenges Romeo to a fight but Romeo says no because Tybalt is now apart of his family. Mercutio then backs Romeo up and challenges Tybalt to a fight. Tybalt and Mercutio then start to fight. Romeo then tries to stop it but and goes between them but it wasn 't enough Tybalt was still able to stab Mercutio and drop him to the ground. Tybalt then ran away. Romeo attempts to comfort Mercutio and tried to find a doctor. Romeo keeps talking to mercutio and trying to keep him from dieing but it wasn 't enough it is obvious he will die. Eventually Benvolio helps Mercutio off the street and the two exit the scene. Romeo is by himself for a awhile he speaks about being angry with Tybalt. Then Benvolio enters the scene again to let Romeo know Mercutio is dead. Tybalt comes back into the scene and Romeo challenges him to a fight. The two fight and Romeo kills Tybalt. Scene 2 takes place in Capulet 's Orchard. Juliet enters the scene worrying about the fact that Romeo has yet to arrive. The Nurse enters the scene and tells Juliet of Tybalt 's death. Juliet is then scared
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