Romeo And Juliet Dbq

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The narrative voices in songs and literature, occasionally show male characters expressing their emotions enthusiastically towards a female character. Sir Paul McCartney wrote a song titled "Michelle" about a boy trying to profess his love the best way he can to a girl who only speaks french. Lines 44-53 of Romeo and Juliet is an excerpt of a play written by William Shakespeare. In Act 1, Scene 5, Romeo is trying to describe the love he feels for Juliet after seeing her for the first time. In both pieces, it is shown that men should know what love feels like as soon as they think they have fallen in love, even if they can’t describe their emotions properly and feel like they should verbally explain it to those around them. In “Michelle”, he attempts to express his feelings but can’t find the right words. …show more content…

In “Romeo and Juliet”, after Romeo describes Juliet's incredible beauty, he describe his emotions by saying, “Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight!(Romeo and Juliet. 1.5. 52-53)” Romeo thinks he knows what this feeling he calls “love” is. He’s saying all these things throughout the excerpt and then pin-points it and calls it love even though he admits to never feeling this type of emotion before. In "Michelle" he tries to explain what he is thinking and feeling. He says “I need to make you see. Oh, what you mean to me. Until I do I'm hoping you will. Know what I mean(Doc 1)” This shows how he is trying to explain so that she might also understand his love for her. He is trying to help her understand what is going through his brain and what he feels in his heart so that she could understand more clearly what he is trying to

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