Romeo And Juliet Decisions Essay

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The Roles of the Friar and Romeo in the Death of Romeo and Juliet

Whenever one has to make a decision, one needs to make sure that not only is the decision right for them but will also result in a good outcome for all. In the poem Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare uses the unjust and unwise decisions of characters to show the consequences of such decisions. Romeo Montague is a young man, who is searching for love and will sacrifice thinking through his actions if one leads to his lover; he finds Juliet. Unfortunately, Romeo and Juliet are stuck in a feud between their families caused by their ancestors. Juliet Capulet is an independent young woman who is still learning about love. Friar Lawrence is a friar at the local church. He is seen by most as a mentor and tries his best to help others. Although Romeo and the …show more content…

It can be argued that Romeo is desperate, but he could have sacrificed a brief period of emotional suffrage to make a better decision. Romeo Montague is a lonely man who is searching for love; but, when he finds Juliet, he discovers they are from rival families. Unfortunately, he makes many unwise and dangerous decisions to be with Juliet; such a relationship would be frowned upon due to the rivalry between the two families. When he visits Juliet, even she knows “the place death, considering who thou art, / if any of my kinsmen find thee here” (Shakespeare 2.1.69-70). This is a major example of how easily others find flaws in Romeo's decisions. It can be argued that Romeo is cautious about the situation, like coming at night and coming from a point where no one would see him, but that does not reduce the risk of talking to the Capulet family's only daughter, which if spotted will result in certain death. Juliet must realize this because it shows that Romeo is making decisions based on his emotions. This can result in his death or escalate

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