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Quotation #11: “Good night./ Get thee to bed and rest, for thou hast need.” (Rom. 4. 3. 13-14) Translation: Good night. You should go to bed and rest because you will need your rest tomorrow (for sex). Circumstances: Since the date of the wedding between Paris and Juliet is set for the next morning, Juliet returns to her room, claiming to prepare for the wedding. Lady Capulet is sent to aid Juliet in her wedding preparations. Upon offering help, Juliet refuses Lady Capulet and assures her mother that she is able to manage herself. Juliet reminds Lady Capulet of the other necessities she has. Lady Capulet replies with a word of advice, regarding the wedding, before leaving Juliet alone. Poetic Device: This line scans in iambic pentameter.

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