Romeo And Juliet Sea Quotes

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“For still thy eyes which I may call the sea, do ebb and flow with tears. The bark thy body is. Sailing in this salt flood. The wind thy sighs, who raging with thy tears, and they with them.”, in this quote, Juliet is being compared to a fallen tree floating on the sea. The sea represents her sadness and tears, her sighs represent the wind. Her sadness is compared to a tree that has fallen into the sea. Shakespeare uses the quote “without a sudden calm will overset thy tempest-tossed body” later on to reveal that relying on fate can result in tragedy. Lord Capulet wanted/needed his daughter Juliet to marry Paris because it will benefit their Capulet family and after all Lord Capulet runs the Capulet family and he is trying to do what is best, but Juliet was not open to him about Romeo, her other lover. …show more content…

A man approaches Romeo and Benvolio in act 1, unknowing that they are Montagues, and he tells them about the Capulet party: "My master is the great rich Capulet, and, if you be not / of the house of Montagues, I pray come and crush a / cup of wine". It is fate that got Romeo and Benvolio to find out about the Capulet

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