Romeo And Juliet Tybalt Quotes

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Tybalt is the most to blame for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.Tybalt is furious with Romeo showing up at the Capulet’s party.In the Quote, “It fits when such a villain is a guest, I’ll not endure him”(1.5.82-83).Since, Tybalt saw Romeo at the party he sends a note to Romeo challenging him to fight. Rome ignores the letter which cause Tybalt to go up to Romeo and challenge to fight face-to-face. That then leads to them fighting and people dieing.Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel. “That thou hast done to me; therefore turn and draw”(3.1.70.) demands Tybalt.Tybalt demands that Romeo shall fight with him at which Romeo denies.Mercutio confused why Romeo denies takes his place and battles with Tybalt, which then cause Tybalt to kill Mercutio in

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