Sacrifice In Odysseus Of Homer's Odyssey

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They had to sacrifice a black lamb, handsomest of all our flock. They put the blood in a pit and as he was giving orders to his officers he grew sick with fear. He had to wait and guard the pit from the surging phantoms. He stayed crouched down with his sword drawn ready for anything to come his way. Soon after, the dark prince Thebes came forward with his bearing gold staff, to say, “Son of Laertes and the god of old, Odysseus, master of landways and seaways why leave the blazing son, O man of woe to see the cold dead and the joyless region? Stand clear put up your sword, let me but taste of blood, I shall speak true.” He told him that once he gets home his house will be full of trouble and to stop all the trouble in his house he will have
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