Salem Witch Trial Essay

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It all started between the months of June to September of 1692, the witch trials of Salem. Men, women, and even dogs accused of witchcraft, many jailed and executed. There are many theories and beliefs of why this hysteria had spread across salem. Satan, internal problems, religion, revenge and sickness were what the people of Salem had believed what caused this hysteria. What really caused all this to happen ? Would you believe in witchcraft if what happened in Salem to your hometown? 1688, Samuel Parris a successful planter and merchant of Barbados moved to the city of Salem with his wife named Elizabeth, his only daughter betty, niece Abigail Williams and his slave from Barbados named Tituba. Samuel moved to preach at the village church …show more content…

When the doctor had came and examined the girls there was so explanation for their behavior and stated it was a supernatural cause. Towns people had noticed more of the same symptoms happening to other people. Symptoms of witchcraft could include suffering fits, acting as cats and dogs, screaming, walking on hands and knees, odd noises (Cullender 30). The first women who was accused of witchcraft and was taken in for questioning was Tituba. When Tituba was questioned she had confessed that she was approached by satan along with two other women in the city. Tituba’s confession had started much drama through out the city and sparked the witch hunt …show more content…

The ones still alive but accused had been pardoned by the Governor William Phips but since they were accused they were looked at as “dead” inferring to they would no longer have rights, their homes were taken away along with all their possessions. As years passed the Judges did believe that satan had cursed their town, but eventually had some remorse and decided that some of the trials were held unfairly and errors had occurred through out them(Salem witch trials). In 1697 one of the judges had written a letter of apology and confessed his guilt about the mis judgment of the trials. On the same date another 12 jurors who was sitting on the trials had signed a letter of regret asking for forgiveness from their error of

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